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CosmoKnots: The Changelog!


  • Added mouse and gamepad headlook: left-button-drag on mouse, and right stick on gamepad
  • Improved the inertial gamepad control scheme
  • Improved the controls settings screen: all mouse and gamepad schemes switchable and separately tunable
  • Added various lose themes, which play according to how well you did in the level before crashing
  • Added the ability to roll the ship using the mouse by right-button-dragging left and right
  • Fixed the loading time on the world map

v0.3 / 0.3.1

  • The name changed!!
  • Now on MOBILE!!
  • Gamepad support in post-round orbit view


  • Replay from end-round screen now works
  • Added Pause > Settings Screen (currently non-VR only)
  • Added slider for mouse sensitivity
  • Added checkbox for Invert Y (mouse and gamepad)
  • Added checkbox to show the mouse-as-joystick display
  • Added new music for lose and map.
  • Fixed a bug where the previous track would persist when restarting a replay
  • Fixed bug where knot listing GUI in the last level was screwed up (it shouldn’t show at all).

v0.2.1 / 0.2.2

  • Rear view mirror
  • Rear-view monitor in VR cockpit
  • Fixed bug where knots would think they’re completed if you get barrels out of order


  • World map
  • Replay sharing
  • Feedback button
  • VR cockpit gauge shows how many barrels you’ve collected out of total in level
  • Levels only unlock if you successfully complete the level
  • Fixed a bug where levels wouldn’t always count their barrels correctly
  • Tutorial popups only pop up once per game session


  • VR: You can hear sounds now!
  • VR: Post-round orbit view doesn’t orbit by default
  • New version notifier
  • General performance improvements


  • First!